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Things In Place Organizing, Expert Organizing

Have some “stuff” that’s stressing you out?

  • Over-stuffed drawers, shelves, and piles that make it impossible to meet work and family demands (the same demands that keep you disorganized in the first place!)
  • Valuable items or papers getting lost, or mislaid bills going unpaid
  • Stacks of neglected piles in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and office
  • Tasks and projects lying unfinished, weighing on your mind
  • Jumbles of untouched household items and keepsakes gathering dust & driving you nuts
I get it.

And with a wealth of professional organizing experience, I know exactly what you need.

Let’s make a little space together.

Things In Place Organizing, Expert Organizing


I get it.

And with a wealth of professional organizing experience, I know exactly what you need.
Let’s make a little space together.

Standolyn not only brings phenomenal organizing skills to her clients but the utmost compassion as well.  After working with her on eight seasons of the Hoarders television series on A&E Networks, I would not hesitate to call her if a friend, family member, or I ever needed assistance.  She is truly a gem.

Alice Ikeda

Co Executive Producer, Hoarders

About my approach

As a professional organizer, I work with you (1:1 or with a team) to sift through out those “problem areas” in your home, put your life back in order, and set you up with the simple strategies to maintain the changes we create long after you and I part ways.

Here’s how it works.

After you send over your inquiry in the contact form below, I’ll talk with you on the phone for a complimentary Assessment Call.

This is your chance to tell me your needs, challenges, and concerns, so we can craft a clear road map for exactly what you want to work on. If we decide we’re a fit, we’ll set a date to work together, and the adventure begins!

Please remember that this call – and all of my sessions – are judgment-free zones. I’m here to provide a compassionate helping hand, some organizational savvy, and a few laughs along the way.

Every session starts with a tour of your space(s) we’ve decided to tackle, so we can set realistic expectations.

From there, I’ll work with you to examine your needs, routines, and habits, and design spaces and systems that work with you, to make daily tasks easy to keep up with.

Things In Place Organizing, Expert Organizing
And, at the end of it all? You’ll have more space for the good stuff:
  • More free time to spend doing what you love, with the people you love, stress-free.
  • Gatherings at home with your family and friends because your rooms and storage spaces are serving their intended purpose
  • Functional, eye-pleasing organizational systems that align with your day-to-day needs
  • Lost items found: cash, credit cards, keys, valuables, mementos, papers, and more!
  • Smarter inventory management tactics to keep you from over-stocking (saving you money)
  • File management systems
  • A clear picture of your current kitchen, creative, and closet inventory, so you can stop over-shopping, and use your shelves more effectively
  • Peace of mind, and a well-deserved sense of pride that you’ve gotten it done
Are you in?

Read on to learn more about my packages to find the one that’s right for you, and get in touch with me via the contact form below.


Maybe it’s just one small area of your house. Or maybe what started out as a small area has spilled over into other areas of the house. Either way, it presents a challenge that daunts and defies you. Together we’ll take on the nooks, corners, closets, and shelves of any room in the house.

Signs you’re ready for a change

  • Clutter at home interferes with your ability to meet personal and family demands – and those same demands keep you from getting organized.
  • Valuable items or papers get lost, mislaid bills go unpaid – and it’s costing you.
  • Tasks or projects are sitting unfinished – and they’re weighing on you.
  • You don’t invite guests to your home because you’re embarrassed — or because you can’t make room for them.

My approach

We’ll tour the space(s) you’ve decided to tackle and set realistic expectations. Together we’ll sort through the piles and decide what needs to go where. I’ll work with you to examine your needs, routines and habits. Together we’ll design spaces and systems that work for you, to make daily tasks quicker and easier. Among my specialties:

  • paperwork and filing systems
  • inventory control for household items
  • kitchen and bathroom organization
  • new and working mothers


  • Lost items found: money, credit cards, keys, valuables, papers.
  • Late fees reduced or eliminated.
  • Inventory management that eliminates overstocking, saving money.
  • Peace of mind and pride of accomplishment.

No matter how often you re-arrange your office, things you need are still out of reach or in the wrong place. Or maybe you just have too much stuff. Either way, your space is working against you. Together we’ll tackle the desk, filing cabinets, and shelves.

Signs you’re ready for a change

  • You’ve asked too many people to re-send documents you’ve lost – or think you’ve never received.
  • Office clutter interferes with your ability to focus on your work – but your workload leaves you no time to get organized.
  • Tasks or projects are sitting unfinished – and they’re weighing on you.
  • There’s no room for clients to sit in your office – and you panic when they arrive and the conference room is taken.

My approach

Because of my experience with my own home office, I respect clients’ personal work habits and preferences. Together we’ll work our way through your office, sort through the piles, and decide what needs to go where. We’ll examine your needs, routines and habits. Then we’ll design an office space and systems that work for you. Among my specialties:

  • Functional interior design to meet physical needs
  • File management systems
  • Inventory control for office supplies


  • Lost items found: contracts, other important papers, money, and credit cards.
  • Late fees reduced or eliminated.
  • Inventory management that eliminates overstocking, saving money.
  • Greater efficiency, improved focus.
  • An office you’re not ashamed to let people see.

It started with one small area in your kitchen. Or maybe what started out as a small area has spilled onto the counters and floor. Either way, now you are eating out because it’s easier than preparing meals at home.

Signs you’re ready for a change

  • Your kitchen interferes with your eating a healthy diet.
  • Your pantry does not reflect the way you want to eat.
  • Every week you become the family hero for throwing out all of the spoiled food. How much is that costing you?
  • Your weight and blood pressure are as out of control as your kitchen cupboards.
  • You don’t host holiday parties at your home because you’re embarrassed.

My approach

We’ll tour the kitchen and set realistic expectations. Together, we’ll go cupboard by cupboard and make your kitchen usable. I’ll work with you to examine your needs, routines, and eating habits. Together we’ll design spaces and systems that work for you, to make daily meal planning a breeze.

Among my specialties

  • Cupboards and Counters
  • Menu Planning
  • Paper Clutter
  • Food Storage


  • Saving money: no more wasted food
  • Stronger focus on health
  • Stocked pantry for easy prep
  • Improved relationships over family meals
  • No more resorting to junk food because of a broken kitchen
  • More free time for family and friends

Things In Place Photo Relief knows that photographs don’t merely capture points in time, but passages of your life. How you choose to select, organize and display your photos reflects your unique personal history and style.
Click here to learn more.

Signs you’re ready for a change

We also know that you want to eliminate the stress and overwhelm of photo clutter so that you can focus your time on what’s important – connecting with family and friends, building and preserving memories of all that you love.

You don’t even want to think about the number of meetings and due dates you’ve missed in the past six months.
Ditto with missed medical or dental appointments – which you have to pay for.
You’re paying bills late – and the penalty charges are mounting.
You dash from task to task without finishing. You know you do it – but you can’t seem to stop yourself.

My approach

We believe that creating order begins with helping you identify your goals. It doesn’t matter whether you have a jumble of prints, crackling albums, loose negatives and slides carousels, or if your pictures are hidden away on flash drives, memory cards and in the cloud. Things In Place Photo Relief knows that however you want to organize your photos – by theme, chronology or person, in bound photo books or on Macs, PCs or whatever technology comes along – what matters most to you is that your pictures are organized and preserved as a part of your personal and family legacy.

We will help you locate the treasures among your photo piles, organize them for improved functionality and aesthetics, and give you the accountability to stay motivated on your photo projects.

We’re ready to lend our objective eyes and ears – as well as a creative mind – so you can step back, regain clarity, and confidently make decisions.


Refining – This process focuses on eliminating duplicates, blurry snapshots, photos of random strangers, shots where the tops of heads are cut off, and any pictures that fail to show your subjects at their best.

Reorganizing – With tangible photographs, reorganizing involves sorting and categorizing so that you can create collections that are evocative for you, whether that means sorting by which individuals appear in the photos, events or occasions depicted (like graduations, birthdays and holidays), or more customized themes.

With your digital photographs, the reorganizing process additionally allows you to create labels, tags and other identifying “metadata” so that you can sort or search for specific names, events and themes.

Whether reorganizing prints, digital photos, or both, we will coach you through the options to make categorizing and finding your favorite photos intuitive and logical.

Renewing – Photographs connect the past to the future. The ideal way to preserve your memories and history is to digitize tangible photos by scanning them, allowing future generations to view, study and enjoy them without fear of accidents or the elements damaging delicate photos.

Reformatting – Once your special photographs are sorted and digitized for protection, we can help you identify the perfect solutions to display them, whether in photo books, via digital slide shows, on photo frames, or using developing technologies, to show your images in the best light.

Revealing – True delight comes from revealing your photographic collection and sharing pictures with others. Things In Place Photo Relief can coach you through the essential steps for providing and controlling access to your photos so that you can confidently share on your terms.

Don’t see what you need above?
I also offer a la carte organizational services to address

Filing Systems

Photo Organization

Time Management


Disaster Preparedness

Home, Office, Car

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