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Disorganization is more than a daily challenge – it blocks happiness and prosperity. Clutter and chaos get in the way of our dreams, overwhelm us, and can (in worst-case scenarios) lead to debt, struggle, and conflict. However, with just a few simple adjustments in viewpoint or procedure, it’s possible to turn it all around.

I work with clients and audiences across the globe to help them identify their unique problem areas; find order, space, clarity, and peace of mind; and ultimately make space and time for the important things in their lives.

Through audience participation and engaging, easy-to-follow topics, I’ll help your participants make more room for what they really want (success, joy, and relaxation, for starters).

Standolyn The Speaker

Standolyn is an enthusiastic, humorous and motivating speaker. From the moment she begins, you hang on herevery word. She uses her warm personality to make you feel you are part of special group, even with hundreds in the room. Clearly, her knowledge and her delivery twin to make her an exceptional speaker.

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Professional Bio

Organizing expert, speaker, and writer Standolyn Robertson founded Things In Place in 2000. Through her workshops, 1:1 coaching, events, and media appearances, she has connected with thousands of individuals and organizations, and has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Woman’s Day, USA Today, the Boston Globe, and on CBS Boston, NPR, the A&E Emmy-nominated show Hoarders and more.

As an organizer, Standolyn excels at creating comprehensive plans that blend wisdom, strategies, and practical ideas. She is a dynamic, captivating speaker and leader. Her talks and hands-on workshops empower audiences with the tools (and optimism!) they need to get started, create more fulfilling lives, and keep up their momentum long after they return home.

Standolyn The Speaker

A few examples of speaking & workshop topics Standolyn enjoys leading

Knowing What Matters

(Ideal for conferences, keynote speeches, and audience participation-focused events)

This talk centers around helping audiences organize themselves for success and for more joyful day-to-day lives. Through this engaging discussion, Standolyn teaches attendees the finer points of creating sustainable systems, and she encourages them to examine their habits and personalities alongside their space and “stuff” in order to design organizational strategies that align with their goals and gifts.

Systems for Success Workshop: Smart ways to stop stress in the office

(Perfect for retreats, conferences, corporate offices, and entrepreneur meetups and seminars)

In this workshop, Standolyn works with audiences in a hands-on environment to teach employees and entrepreneurs how to create simple systems to keep their offices organized and make the daily tasks easy — and even enjoyable.

From emails to paper files, photos, and financial documents, Standolyn will teach listeners how to take back control, and make more room for a brighter, profitable future.

Standolyn was one of the most highly regarded speakers at our national conference this year, consistently receiving top rankings from all who attended her session. Connecting immediately with her audience, Standolyn brings an engaging brand of energy, authenticity, and professionalism to her speaking. Standolyn is the speaker you hope will be speaking at your next event.

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Executive Director , NASMM

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