Coaching By Standolyn

Positive support, accountability, and feedback.

I founded Things in Place in 2000, as a way to tie together my love of organizing, natural eye for aesthetics, and passion for helping others. Over the past 16 years, I’ve helped hundreds of clients uncover more happiness and flow in every area of their lives.

I work one-on-one with wonderful folks (like you!) in-person and virtually, as well as with incredibly talented teams to help conquer the “stuff” that keeps so many people stuck in a rut. I love supporting women and men around the world as they design simple organizational systems that make sense to them, and create time and space for the things and people they love.


Coaching By Standolyn
Coaching By Standolyn

6-week Virtual Group Organization Program (Coming Soon)

Remote support for busy, brilliant people around the world.

Looking for expert help to sort out your space, but aren’t quite ready for an in-person session due to location, budget, scheduling, or other challenges?

Love working in a group setting, with guidance and accountability to help you hit your goals?

I’m creating a digital program to help busy people around the world get organized, sift through their stuff, and create fantastic systems that work for their lifestyles.

Interested? Drop your name & email below for updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and be the first to know when I roll the red carpet out.

A sneak peek at what’s included:

  • A detailed PDF guide to help you hash out your “problem areas,” assess your habits and goals, and tackle your specific challenges with confidence
  • A private group to meet your fellow members, share your struggles and successes, ask questions, and make new friends
  • Individual and group calls with live Q&A, bi-weekly lessons, and more
  • Accountability exercises on your terms, to help you stay motivated and on track

Standolyn amazes me with the way she is able to work with some of the most difficult and stubborn clients.  She is patient, kind and caring, and she always finds a way to motivate her clients to do the hard work necessary to make change in their lives.

Matt Wilkins

Hiremattwilkins LLC

Info coming soon on these programs.  Fill in your name, email, and any comments to be kept up to date.

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Standolyn is an exceptional leader and teacher to people of various ages and experience levels.  She is effective at meeting deadlines while paying close attention to the needs of all parties involved. Standolyn balances her keen intelligence and determination with a warm heart and grateful spirit.

Lynne Poulton,LSW

Certified Professional Organizer , Wholly Organized!®LLC

Owned & Operated by a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®)

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